Academy at Home!

Flexible Musical Theatre Classes at CenterPoint Academy

What You Get:

  1. The same level of quality in musical theatre training that you expect from all CenterPoint Academy classes, conducted through live, online instruction paired with safe, in-person rehearsals and performances.
  2. Active, hands-on learning experiences.
  3. Detailed coaching and feedback from our dedicated team of instructors.
  4. Awesome fun.
  5. Flexible learning schedules that fit around your specific situation.
  6. Genuine confidence.
  7. Improved skills.
  8. Loads of social interaction and new friends.
  9. Performance opportunities on CenterPoint Theatre’s main stage and in the Leishman Hall black box, with streamed and virtual performances to supplement.

Who Academy at Home is Designed For:

  1. Students who need more flexibility in their schedules
  2. Students who want to participate in Academy but have work or other activities that conflict
  3. Students who don’t live near CPT, or who move away.
  4. Students on waitlists for face-to-face classes.
  5. Students who currently attend Academy classes and want to supplement their learning with additional coaching and instruction.

What We Give:

  • Instruction created and headed up by Lindsea Garside, a working actress and professional with credits all over Utah and a BA in Musical Theatre from Weber State University.
  • Supplementary instruction from a range of other Academy instructors, professionals with performance experience at Disney World, PlayMill, Jackson Hole Playhouse, CenterPoint Theatre, Pioneer Theatre, Hale Centre Theatre, The Grand Theatre, Utah Children’s Theatre, Ogden Musical Theatre, and lots more.
  • Active learning experiences that utilize technology to provide focus on skill development
  • Curriculum that enhances personal improvement through individualized coaching, ongoing interaction with instructors and classmates, and preparation and performance of material selected in consultation with instructors. 
  • Sessions dedicated specifically to singing, acting, and dancing.
  • Limited enrollment.
  • Specialty sessions, including costume design, technical theatre, auditioning, stage combat, and more.
  • Sessions for grades 3-7 and grades 8-12.

The Stuff Your Parents Care About:

  • Grades 3-12 are invited to participate, in sessions divided between grades 3-7 and grades 8-12.
  • $65 monthly tuition
  • See below for a weekly schedule outline.

Two Sessions to Choose From:

Juniors: 3-7 Grades

Seniors: 8-12 Grades

Sample Weekly Schedule

Monday Morning: Lindsea provides recorded instruction and assigns a task to be learned, performed, and shared with the class sometime that week.

Monday at 6:00: Online Collaboration for Juniors

Tuesday at 6:00: Online Collaboration for Seniors

Wednesday: 15 minute makeup calls and coaching with Lindsea

Come play with us!

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Enrollment for Fall Classes begins June 1st for current students and June 8th for the general public!

Enrollment for 2020 Summer Camps is open now!

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Important Dates

Important Academy Dates, including performances and extra rehearsals for each class

Parking / Pickup Information

To drop off or pickup your kids from classes, please use the front (south side) of the building, or park in a designated parking space and come inside.


This causes traffic issues and parking conflicts with the businesses located near the theatre.

Please, please, please, don’t use the west curb, Thank you!