Academy Auditions

We Have Four Auditioned Shows for our 2023-2024 Season!

We have four Auditioned Shows for our 2023-2024 season! See below for details on each.

Auditions are open to all youth in the community.

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Phantom of the Opera in Concert

Show Details

Production Team Announcement Coming Soon!

Auditions: February 17

Callbacks: February 19

First Cast Meeting: February 23

Rehearsals: March 8 – May 5

Performances: May 6 – May 10

Tuck Everlasting

Show Details

Director: Wendy Inkley

Choreographer: Megan Call

Music Director: Jake Heywood

Stage Manager: Michelle Clark

Auditions: June 10

Callbacks: June 14, 15

First Cast Meeting: June 19

Rehearsals: July 3 – September 10

Performances: September 11 – September 16

Beetlejuice Jr.

Show Details

Director: Carol Madsen

Choreographer: Kacee Neff

Music Director: Matt Hewitt

Stage Manager: Mady Cook

Auditions: June 15

Callbacks: June 20

First Cast Meeting: June 23

Rehearsals: July 3 – September 22

Performances: September 23 – September 27


Evita In Concert

Show Details

Production Team Announcement Coming Soon!

Auditions: September 23

Callbacks: September 28, 29

First Cast Meeting: October 2

Rehearsals: October 14-December 5

Performances: December 6 – December 19

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To drop off or pickup your kids from classes, please use the front (south side) of the building, or park in a designated parking space and come inside. DO NOT PARK, WAIT, OR STOP AT THE CURB ON THE WEST SIDE!! This causes traffic issues and parking conflicts with the businesses located near the theatre. Please, please, please, don’t use the west curb, Thank you!


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