Self Tape Audition And Casting Activity of Wonder and Amazement!!

Alright, here’s the rules. If you want to just watch the auditions, skip all this rigamarole.


Watch all of the rad submissions below.

Then, go to this link ( and, using only the audition videos below, cast The Wizard of Oz as if you were the director! You can submit your cast anytime between Monday, April 6 at 9:00am and Tuesday, April 7 at 11:59pm.

And third, pick a show of your own, cast it with just the people from your own class at CPT, and email your cast to by 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 7.

We’re giving away five $20 Chick-fil-A gift cards as part of this, and we’re doing a drawing to pick the five winners. You can have up to two more entries in the drawing. You get one entry into the drawing for each of the following:

1) Using only the auditions below, cast the Wizard of Oz using the form at

You can do this anytime between Monday, April 6 at 9:00am and Tuesday, April 7 at 11:59pm.

2) Choose a show, cast it using only your own class, and email it to by 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 7.


We’ll do the drawing next Wednesday and bring the Chick-fil-A cards to the homes of the winners next week, and we’ll do it live on Instagram, and the winners will receive fame and fortune and $20 to Chick-fil-A.

Can’t wait to see what you do!!! 

Melissa A.

Payson I.

Grace L.

Soren R.

Ben L.

Mini J.

Maclayne I.

Eve R.

Parker M.

Savannah H.

Rylee H.

Emilie A.

Keira V.

Kimber M.

Amy G.

Charlee G.

Eleanor B.

Eden L.

Kali B.

Kayla S.

Micah T.

Walter I.

Janessa F.

Sabrina P.

Boston C.

Isaac P.

Sabrina E.

Abigail B.

Natalie C.

Sadie F.

Cohen H.

Tori S.

Daniel S.

Josh L.

Drew G.

Sophie A.

John W.

Lyndee Y.

Isabelle I.

Haley M.

McKay C.

Hanna R.

Andrew M.

Kati B.

Mariah M.

Sydney P.

Julia G.

Molly J.

Darcy P.

Amelia S.

Nate L.

Katie B.

Josh C.

Kelsey C.

Colby T.

Lizzie H.

Sawyer W.

Tatum J.

Raegan W.

Katelyn C.

Ruby C.

Dax B.

Emilee J.

Madi C.

Spence H.

Brennan W.

Sophie U.

Millie W.

Maverick S.

Emmalee L.

Ayla K.

Addie G.

Claire D.

McGuire B.

Brooke N.

Lucy O.

Alexis L.

Syd S.

Katie B.

Ella D.

Aubrey J.

Brooke N.

Claire C.

Coleman H.

Eden W.

Cait W.

Jaimee M.

Brooklyn C.

Emily C.