Current Auditions

Show: Seussical
Audition Date: November 27th
Callbacks: November 29th & 30th
Director: Kristin Callor
Choreographer: Aaron Ford
Music Director: Jessica Rampton
Stage Manager: Ashley Weller


CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘Seussical’ on Monday,  November 27th (children 5-6 PM and adults 6-9 PM) and Tuesday, November 28th  (children only 5-6 PM). The show runs March 15th through April 13th. Kristin Callor will  Direct, Jessica Rampton will Music Direct, Aaron Ford will Choreograph, and Ashley  Weller will Stage Manage.  

Bring any conflicts from November 29th through April 18th along with a headshot  and resume to auditions. Callbacks are scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th  and Thursday, November 30th. First Cast Meeting will be December 7th and  rehearsals will start January 8th.  

Auditions are open to performers 7-12 years older and 15 and older. All roles are open  and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Auditioners 15 and older, please come  to your audition prepared to sing 30-60 seconds of any song from the show.  Auditioners 7-12 years old will be given a selection from the show to prepare for  auditions. A pianist will be provided. Please no acapella singing or pre-recorded music.  

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville.  Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time. An Actor Reimbursement of $500 is available to all those cast in the show.

Seussical – Character Breakdown 

The Cat In The Hat- Our story’s omniscient narrator, he is fun loving and enjoys rhyming. Pops up  throughout the story to help the audience. Wise and attentive. 

Gender: Any- Age: 20+- Vocal range top: F4 Vocal range bottom: F2 

Jojo– The Mayor’s son, he is a Who that is always finding trouble. Bright, creative, and inadvertently  mischievous. Possesses a wildly expansive imagination and finds solace in his friendship with  Horton. 

Gender: Male Age: 7 to 12- Vocal range top: C5- Vocal range bottom: Ab3 

Horton The ElephantOur story’s main character, he is a compassionate and gentle elephant.  Commonly misunderstood because of his larger size. He is protective and loving of all creatures in  the jungle. 

Gender: Male- Age: 20 to 45- Vocal range top: F4- Vocal range bottom: A2 

Gertrude McfuzzHorton’s one-feathered-tail bird neighbor. Gertrude is sweet and timid. Though  kind and loyal, she is also self-conscious of her shortfalls.  

Gender: Female- Age: 18 to 30- Vocal range top: F5- Vocal range bottom: F3 

Mayzie La BirdThe most beautiful bird in all of the jungle. Oblivious to her self-centered ways, she  relies on her talent of manipulation, and intoxicating beauty, to navigate her way through life.  STRONG DANCER 

Gender: Female- Age: 18 to 40- Vocal range top: Eb5- Vocal range bottom: G3 

The Sour KangarooThe ‘leader’ of the jungle. She is loud, brassy, and stubbornly set in her ways. A  caring mother, but unabashedly sassy and soulful. 

Gender: Female- Age: 25+- Vocal range top: F5- Vocal range bottom: F#3 

Little Kangaroo– the mini me version of the Sour Kangaroo– as loud, brassy and stubborn as her  Kangaroo mother. 

Gender- Female- Age: 7-12 

Wickersham Brothers– The protagonists to Horton- the Wickersham Brothers are not bad guys!  They’re simply a lot like kids who tease and play pranks- important to the storytelling process – STRONG DANCERS! 

Gender: Male/Female- Age: 16+

Bird Girls: Mayzie’s gaggle of girls! Sassy, self assured and powerful! Serve as Mayzie’s back up  singers and dancers- play an important part of the storytelling process- STRONG DANCERS!  FemaleAge: 16+ 

Mr. Mayor and Mrs. MayorMr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor are parents trying hard to raise a child with a  big imagination. These Whos may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly. They try their  best to make the right choices as parents, even if JoJo doesn’t always understand them. They are  also upstanding members of their community. 

Mr. Mayor Range- D3-F4 

Mrs. Mayor- A3-E5 

Male/Female: Age 20+

General Schmitzis an Old World soldier who is past his prime. He has an authoritative bearing and  commands with a loud voice and intimidating presence. 

Gender- Male- 20+ 

Ensemble: (Adults Age 15+):  

Jungle Creatures Ensemble STRONG DANCERS, Jungle Ensemble, Yertle the Turtle and  Vlad  

The Who Ensemble (Adults Age 15+ and Kids ages 7-12)– Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Mayor, General  Genghis Khan Schmit- Grinch- Military Cadets- Cindy Lou Who- Who Families

CenterPoint is a community theatre that welcomes local talent. We have open auditions for every show, so don’t be afraid to join us for an upcoming audition. We look forward to seeing you!


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Specific Audition Information:

Specific audition information is released 2-3 weeks prior to the audition date. Once those details are released, audition signups will begin.

Audition Location

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North 400 West in Centerville. Enter the building on the west side basement entrance.


Theatre is subjective. The most important part is the audition itself. However, many factors go into casting a production, such as height, weight, look, personality, acting ability, conflicts, past experience, presence, work ethic, doubles, doubles conflicts, age, etc. If we were not able to use you in a past production, please continue to audition. Our production team strives to provide a safe environment in which to promote artistic expression. Break a leg!