Current Auditions

Show: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Stage: Leishman Performance Hall
Director: Matthew T. Hewitt
Choreographer: Sunny Simkins
Music Director: Matthew T. Hewitt
Stage Manager: Todd Perkins
Auditions: April 20th
Callbacks: April 23rd
Performances: July 26th – August 17th

Director: Into The Woods
Stage: Barlow Main Stage
Jared Haddock
Music Director: Tara Wardle
Stage Manager: Megan Call
Auditions: June 15th
Callbacks: June 17th & 18th
Performances: Sep. 20-Oct. 19


You're a good man Charlie Brown

Show Details

CenterPoint Theatre announces auditions for “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” on Saturday, April 20th at 10:00 a.m. This show will be performed in the Leishman Performance Hall. The show runs July 26th through August 17th with performances on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Callbacks will be held Tuesday, April 23rd. This show will be single cast. Matt Hewitt will direct and music direct, Sunny Simkins will choreograph, and Todd Perkins will stage manage.

Auditions are open to all actors 18 years and older. All roles are open and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Participants will need to perform a song from the show, chosen from selections provided by the production team. Song selections will be provided when signing-up for an audition time. No other audition material will be necessary.

This musical is based on the beloved comic created by Charles Schulz. The whole gang is here: bossy Lucy is hopelessly in love with piano prodigy Schroeder who doesn’t give her the time of day, perfectionist Sally is still mocking blanket-toting Linus, Snoopy is in the doghouse, and “blockhead,” himself, Charlie Brown, is in rare form. Brief vignettes span the months from Valentine’s Day to Beethoven Day, from wild optimism to utter despair.

Whether you’re keen to fly with the Red Baron, moon over the Moonlight Sonata, or just do your best to find “Happiness,” You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is a crowd-pleasing classic.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North 400 West in Centerville. Enter the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time and to obtain audition materials. An actor reimbursement of $500 is available to all those cast in the show.

Charlie Brown (vocal part: baritone)

His main characteristics are either self-defeating stubbornness or admirable determined persistence to try his best against all odds. He can never win a ballgame but continues playing baseball; he can never fly a kite successfully but continues trying to do so.

Lucy Van Pelt (vocal part: mezzo-soprano)

She has the persona of a bossy, crabby, manipulative and selfish girl who thrives on telling everyone something. She shows a need for assurance from either Schroeder or Charlie Brown that she is indeed pretty.

Snoopy (vocal part: tenor)

Snoopy is a more human-like dog. His character is that of a dog who pretends to be a person (or who sometimes forgets he is a dog).

Schroeder (vocal part: tenor)

He is distinguished by his precocious skill at playing the toy piano, as well as by his love of classical music and the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in particular.

Linus Van Pelt (vocal part: baritone)

Though young, Linus is unusually smart and he acts as the show’s philosopher. Despite Linus’ intelligence and mature vocabulary, juvenile aspects of his character are also displayed, such as his attachment to his blue security blanket and often sucking his thumb.

Sally Brown (vocal part: soprano)

Despite being portrayed as innocent and adorable, she is noticeably intelligent for her age and this precociousness contributes to the humor.

CenterPoint is a community theatre that welcomes local talent. We have open auditions for every show, so don’t be afraid to join us for an upcoming audition. We look forward to seeing you!


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Specific Audition Information:

Specific audition information is released 2-3 weeks prior to the audition date. Once those details are released, audition signups will begin. For questions about auditions email the theatre at

Audition Location

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North 400 West in Centerville. Enter the building on the west side basement entrance.


Theatre is subjective. The most important part is the audition itself. However, many factors go into casting a production, such as height, weight, look, personality, acting ability, conflicts, past experience, presence, work ethic, doubles, doubles conflicts, age, etc. If we were not able to use you in a past production, please continue to audition. Our production team strives to provide a safe environment in which to promote artistic expression. Break a leg!