Annie Ferrin

Academy Director

“I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” To Kill a Mockingbird
I remember being in high school and being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I had no idea, but I knew that if I had a family and the wild good luck to be involved in community theatre I would have hit the grown-up jackpot. I fell in love with the power of theatre as a kid and have had the crazy good fortune to have been shaped by adults who modeled play and the power of sharing stories. Adults who showed me how to stand still and let the message be the thing. People who weren’t afraid to be honest and vulnerable and funny and real. As a kid who literally moved once a year every year until I was that high school student, I felt deeply the importance of being connected to each other and to ourselves. Theatre breaks down walls and exposes our humanity in ways that we desperately need. It heals us and celebrates our shared journey.

I honestly still get emotional every time I think of where life has led me. I’ve been fortunate to work at CenterPoint in so many capacities as an actor, fundraising gala volunteer coordinator, troubadour, stage manager, and instructor in this awesome CPT Academy. Playing opposite my husband Shelby as Mother and Tateh in Ragtime and being involved in the equally important storytelling in To Kill a Mockingbird as Miss Maudie/Harper Lee have been life-altering. Our three kids have benefited greatly from CenterPoint Academy and have all been trained with love and patience in technical theatre as well as acting.

I love avocado toast, Kit Kats, sushi, audiobooks, camping, and a good dad joke.