Clark Wilkinson

Board Member

Profession – CPA/Centerville Mayor | Serving on the Board of Directors since 2018
Years ago, my family was able to perform in the theater when it was on Pages Lane either through productions of the theater or through Junior High productions. This has continued since the theater has been CPT. It improves our community through the bringing together of people and the connectivity that the community feels by coming together. A well-done production that is wholesome and uplifting allows one to leave the theater with a positive boost. I consider CPT one of the most important gathering spots in Centerville City. I was raised in East Millcreek in the Salt Lake Valley. My wife and I bought our first home in Bountiful in 1992 and our next home in Centerville in 2000. We love the feeling of Davis County. All but one of us has performed or been on stage at CPT. My hobbies are tennis, golf, basketball, water sports, etc.