Danny Inkley

Executive Director

“My mother? I thought she was YOUR mother!!” The Addams Family
I got started in theatre right around the time I learned to walk, but I became passionate about it when I was in Junior High and my parents founded Pages Lane Theatre with my uncle and aunt, Ralph and Joan Rodgers along with their friends Bev and Blaine Olsen. Theatre has been in my soul ever since. It’s important because, when we do it right, it makes people better – more thoughtful, more intentional, more compassionate, and more awesome. Our world continues on the path to polarization and separation, but theatre is special because it connects us. Stories are powerful, and the way CenterPoint tells stories that connect us makes everybody involved – cast, crew, patrons, the whole community – better for our experience.

I started acting at CenterPoint during the first season, in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and I started directing here in 2016 with Mary Poppins. In addition, my wife Wendy and I directed CenterPoint Academy from 2015-2023, where we had the opportunity to put up dozens of productions with a totally incredible team and thousands of the best young people around. My favorite role ever was Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden. The most challenging project I ever worked on was Jekyll and Hyde. The show that changed my life was Pirate Queen. My favorite Academy shows were Xanadu and Urinetown. And the best thing I ever saw with my own eyes was the Original Broadway Cast of Ragtime in 1998.