Jordan Fowler

Master Electrician/Resident Lighting Designer

“To the world we dream about, and the one we live in now” – Hadestown
My theatre journey began at the age of 15 when my Dad, CenterPoint’s original Shop Manager, invited me to assist in building sets one summer. Little did I know that this experience would spark a deep and lasting connection with the craft, the people, and the unique atmosphere of the theater.

When you spend enough time at a theater, you get to watch true masters at work in their craft. And if you just ask, they often will share what they know. I was lucky to learn from many seasoned lighting designers who shared their talents on our stage. They taught me that there is power in color, light, and shadow that can be harnessed to create beautiful and immersive worlds on the stage. Lighting isn’t just a technical aspect for me—it’s an art form.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to contribute my own years of experience and creative vision to enhance the magic of the performances here at CPT. When I’m not working, I can be found fishing, cooking, gaming, or traveling. All alongside my beautiful wife, Jessica.