Megan Call

Theatre Administrator

“Every now and then it’s a good idea to pause in our pursuit of happiness to just be happy.” -Holiday Inn
My love of performance, singing, acting, dancing and all things theater started at a young age. The step into my grandparent’s living room was not a step, it was a stage. Sitting around the piano singing four-to-six-part harmony was a regular family activity. Putting on full productions of everything from The Sound of Music to The Phantom of the Opera in the basement with cousins was a regular occurrence.

That passion has continued throughout my life and turned into my career. I have directed, choreographed, taught, stage managed and performed all over the valley, but there is nowhere quite like CPT. The love, kindness and comradery found here, is unlike anywhere else. Ben Vereen said, “You’re special–and if you don’t believe in the thing, you have that is special and unique to you and only you, then no one else will and you’ll never fly.” CenterPoint is special and we do our best individually when we are helping others fly!

When not doing something, theater related, I love reading, The Boston Red Sox, Disneyland, cooking/baking, and re-watching The Gilmore Girls.