Steve Terry

Board Member

Profession – Commercial Real Estate | Serving on the Board of Directors since 2022
I am genuinely thrilled by the tapestry of theater. Creatively weaving music and story-telling and poetry and dance, sets, costumes, lighting, and sound. It is a magical experience for everyone. Davis County is such a unique and remarkable place that holds tightly to its natives. I have lived in Bountiful and Farmington for the last 20 years. Being reared in a military family, I have spent 8 years abroad and traveled widely. My vocation has been commercial real estate development and management. I work at golf, racquetball, and weight training. I cherish backpacking especially in the Winds and Olympics. I find solace in gardening and greenhousing. My contributions to the Board and CenterPoint Theatre are dedicated to my late daughter, Lydia who passed at the tender age of 13. Among all of us, she loved theater the most.