Tami Fillmore

Board Member

Profession – Non-Profit Executive Director, People4Utah | Serving on the Board of Directors since 2022
My love for theater has been lifelong — starting with a childhood dream of performing on stage and maturing into the realization that my talents were more suited to being a supporter of those on stage. When in the audience of any high-quality theater, I feel carefree, blissful, and deeply satisfied. It’s thrilling to me that I can have this experience so close to home. I have been involved in our community theatre since 2004, when my second oldest (of eight children) had the memorable experience of performing in the Madison Square Garden Christmas Carol directed by Jim Christian at Rodger’s Memorial Theatre. Since then, I have had family members and close friends in almost every show I have attended at Rodger’s and CenterPoint. As a Centerville City Council member, I enjoyed serving for eight years on boards that oversee the use and care of the theater building. I am happy to continue my service to the theater on the CenterPoint Theatre Board