Tammis Boam

Head of Costume Design/Designer in Residence

We don’t like what we don’t understand. In fact, it scares us,” Beauty and the Beast.
A theater is a place where magic happens. I was always a fan, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that my true love is theater. I didn’t want to act and be on stage, so I thought it wasn’t my place. But backstage; that’s where the magic begins. That’s where life is breathed into a script and a whole team of people work together to bring a show to stage. It’s truly magical. CPT embodies this making of magic better than any theater I have ever worked for, and I love this place with all of my heart and soul. True magic for me is standing backstage during a performance, listening to the actors on stage, hearing the audience respond and feeling that connection between the two. That’s the magic. The connection made between stage and audience cannot be purchased, forced or faked. It either happens or it doesn’t. When it does? MAGIC!!

I have been at CPT since 2012, when I discovered it through a rental. I walked into the costume shop and never wanted to leave. And I never have. I was asked to be the designer for the next show that went up on the CPT stage, A Christmas Carol. I am currently the Costume Department Manager and it is a great honor for me be on staff at this unique theater, where I have been able to work on so many extraordinary shows. I have a special place in my heart for Peter Pan, The Addams Family, A Tale of Two Cities and Ragtime. These shows were magical! They truly embodied the connection that can occur between actor and audience and I was captivated by them no matter how many times I watched them.

“We don’t like what we don’t understand. In fact, it scares us,” Beauty and the Beast. It’s a great reminder that theater at its heart is a teacher, helping us to understand other points of view and other people, cultures and experiences.