Dear Friends of CenterPoint Theatre,


It is time to move forward! Regardless of the uncertainty, our community is resilient. Even with schools opening and the coming flu season adding to the concerns, it is important for us to choose a tangible plan that we feel allows our community to gather in a safe environment to enjoy live performances, again.

A great deal of feedback has been received and considered as we have chosen our way forward. It is important to understand that our choice is not based on other organization’s plans. It is based on communication with our local community and the stakeholders who invest their time, talents and financial means in the programs of CenterPoint Legacy Theatre. You have been so supportive and understanding through this difficult time. THANK YOU!

The safety of those who participate in CPT programs, particularly those who share their talents with us on stage, is extremely important. We believe this plan will offer the safest environment as we make our way back to enjoying the performances, we all love.

The Plan:

  • All regular productions previously scheduled for our 2020 season will be postponed to 2021.

o   Our regularly produced works with large casts/crew make it very difficult to create a truly safe COVID free environment as these individuals interact on and off the stage.

o   Postponing these productions will create the opportunity to present them as we planned when conditions stabilize.

o   Your season ticket will remain the same as purchased for the 2020 Season, it will only become your 2021 Season Ticket.

o   We are in the process of securing the rights to perform these same works in 2021 and will be presenting all previously scheduled productions if allowed. Details on the actual performance dates will be made available as the contracts are secured.

  • The rest of 2020 will be filled with alternative programming.

o   This programming will allow us to alter its presentation in a way that provides a substantially safer environment for everyone who participates and visits CenterPoint Theatre.

o   The alternative programming will include outdoor concerts (already underway), indoor concerts and staged readings or concert versions of musicals with other events that are in line with the works and activities we normally provide.

o   Many safety procedures will be incorporated as we provide these events.

This announcement may cause you to reconsider recent choices regarding previously purchased tickets. Our Box Office Staff is ready to help you navigate these changes.

  • Season Ticket Holders

o   Your 2020 Season tickets will automatically transfer to 2021 Season tickets.

        • ALL SEASON TICKETS will revert to how the 2020 Season began. (For instance; if your 2020 Season Ticket was for the Third Saturday at 7:30 PM, that is how it will begin in the 2021 Season. Any exchanges during 2020 are cancelled. If you hold a Flex Pass Season Ticket you will need to contact the Box Office to schedule attendance during 2021.)

o   The details regarding performance dates will come later as we finalize the contracts for each production.

  • Single Ticket Holders

o   All Single Ticket purchases during 2020 will become a voucher to be used for any available CPT theatrical performance seat through the end of 2021.

o   You will need to work with the Box Office Staff to secure new seating arrangements.

  • Additional Options

o   All additional options will also require some contact with our Box Office Staff

        • Emailing with your individual requests has proven to be an excellent way for our staff to address your particular needs in a timely manner.

o   Many of you have graciously offered your 2020 Season ticket purchase as a donation supporting CenterPoint. This is still an option and greatly appreciated!

        • If you choose to support CPT in this way, our Box Office Staff will contact you later in the year for your 2021 renewal purchase. This choice will not adversely affect your season tickets.
        • A receipt for donations will be provided for tax purposes.

o   Some have chosen to donate part of their 2020 ticket purchases and retain part as vouchers for later CPT performances. This too is an option that will require some help from our Box Office Staff.

        • When a voucher for a future performance is issued there will be no financial adjustment required upon its redemption. The voucher may be used for any available seat at a CPT theatrical performance through the end of our 2021 season.
        • OR vouchers in these split situations may also be used toward the renewal of your 2021 Season ticket.
        • Our Box Office Staff will contact you to manage your season ticket renewal later in the year.

THANK YOU for supporting us in this decision to protect our performers and patrons in this way. We consider each of you an important part of our CenterPoint family and look forward to reconnecting with you.

Connecting with the Box Office

    • Communication with the CPT Box Office is now available via email ( to communicate your requests and questions.
    • Email will remain a preferred method of communication with our box office staff, even when the box office is open. It can greatly reduce your time on HOLD or waiting in the Lobby.  
    • The box office will open again beginning September 14th.
    • Thank you for your continued patience.



Jansen Davis

Executive Director

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre