July 16, 2020

Dear, Dear Friends of CenterPoint,

I, like you, have struggled with so many concerns, emotions and uncertainty created by the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone at CenterPoint considers our patrons, casts, crews, academy kids and volunteers to be part of our CPT family and we want to do the right things for our family. I have wanted to offer you some clear plans moving forward regarding our activities at CenterPoint. We started with the anticipation that the effects would be short-term. We are now grappling with what a “new normal” looks like and continue, for a time, in a state of limbo.

Your health and wellbeing are paramount to us. The CenterPoint Staff continues to prepare the building and create new procedures that will create an environment that is as safe as possible and offers all who come to the theatre the opportunities they have come to expect. We will need your help in creating this environment by complying with the new procedures and making decisions that will protect you, your family and our community. In working with the Davis County Health Department, it is evident that the wearing of face masks inside the theatre will be a requirement for reopening. If you haven’t already,
please find a mask that you feel comfortable wearing. If you come to the theatre without a mask, you will be required to purchase one and wear it before you are allowed entrance. Other precautions will also be in place including: hand sanitizer, instructions to distance when possible and metering the number of individuals within restroom facilities.

I want so badly to offer a clear and concise plan moving forward. But it has proven impossible with the level of uncertainty surrounding this mutual challenge. I desire, however, to offer a few steps forward at this time.

Everyone at CenterPoint was so very excited to bring you our 2020 Season. The season selection was a wonderful combination of incredible shows! It was our tenth season in this beautiful facility! We were ready to celebrate! And then the coronavirus hit and our lives have been turned upside down. We are confident and determined to rise together from this challenge stronger than ever, but the timeline is uncertain. It is our determination to bring you all the productions selected for the 2020 Season. We just don’t know when each one will be presented.

It is obvious that with the amount of shutdown time, it is impossible for us to present all of the productions planned for the 2020 Season. We have officially determined that Newsies and Sister Act will be postponed to a later season. We are still unsure what the rest of the season will look like. We, however, would like to begin addressing the value of already purchased tickets.

First, each previously purchased ticket toward a postponed production will automatically be transferred to a voucher which may be used for any available seat to any future production through the end of the 2021 Season. These vouchers will be identified on your account and the redemption of them will be managed through contact with a box office staff member.

Second, I would like to encourage you to transfer the value of these vouchers to a donation. The doors may be shut, but the work of preparing to reopen and maintaining the facility continues. The CPT staff is dedicated to serving our community with the highest quality theatrical experiences. The government Payroll Protection Program has been integral in maintaining our incredibly talented and dedicated staff, but we have come to the end of this program and are now looking to some “rainy day” funds to ensure that the staff that has already brought you the amazing shows in the past is here for the future. Your donation will help strengthen the foundation necessary to ensure that CenterPoint is an important part
of our community for years to come.

Any other situations will need to be managed directly with a box office staff member. Now, there are more than 8000 season tickets to manage, so your patience in this process is greatly appreciated.

Using boxoffice@cptutah.org is the best way to communicate, currently. It will allow our staff to manage your request with the least amount of time on the phone and possibly on hold. Simply identify your name, account number and preferred way of handling your tickets – i.e. “Please retain my current unredeemed 2020 tickets as vouchers.” – Or – “Please transfer the value of my current unredeemed 2020 tickets to a donation in support of CenterPoint Theatre!” Additional questions and service may also be requested via email. Our Box Office staff will systematically work through the requests and contact you with confirmation and/or further information. Be sure to include your current phone number and any updated account information in your email correspondence.

Again, this process will take some time, but we are dedicated to address each of your needs individually. Thanks again for your patience.

Please understand that the circumstances continue to be in a state of flux. We hope this will help give some stability in an unstable situation. Thank you for being a part of CenterPoint Legacy Theatre. And thank you for your support of our programs. We are so proud to be a part of our community! Stay healthy and safe.

We look forward to welcoming you back to CenterPoint Theatre at the right time.

Jansen Davis
Executive Director
CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

Ticket Policies

  • In consideration of our patrons, no children under 3 are permitted in the theatre. Some productions may not be appropriate for all 3 year-olds. Parents should be the guide for young patrons. No babes in arms will be permitted.
  • No cancellations or refunds.
  • Ticket exchanges must be made in person at the Box Office at least one business day prior to the performance. Exchanged tickets must be surrendered at that time. We cannot accommodate late exchanges. There is a $5 exchange fee per ticket. Season Ticket Holders are allowed one free exchange per show. Additional exchanges are $5 per ticket.
  • Reserved seating will be held until curtain, after which alternate seating will be used. Doors open 30 minutes before show time. Patrons arriving after the start of the performance will be seated at the discretion of management. Late-comers cannot be guaranteed seating.
  • The use of cameras, recording devices, phones, radios and pagers is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not bring outside food or drink into the theatre.

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CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘The Music Man’ on Saturday, January 4th.

Auditions will take place by appointment from 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon. The show runs March 13th through April 11th. Shelby Ferrin will direct, Aaron Ford will choreograph and Tara Wardle will music direct.

Bring any conflicts from January 6th through April 11th along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th and Wednesday, January 8th. Rehearsals will start Monday, January 13th.

Auditions are open to all performers 8 years and older. Children are encouraged to audition with a parent or guardian. All roles are open. Come prepared to sing 30 seconds or less of a song in the style of the show. Live accompaniment will be provided. No pre-recorded music please.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville. Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at kdavies@cptutah.org to schedule an audition time.

Character Breakdown


Note: ages listed are approximate and represent how the characters read onstage, not necessarily the ages of the performers. Please note, where applicable, any requirements for on-stage intimacy or physicality. 

MALE ROLES: HAROLD HILL: Smooth-talking con man and traveling salesman who beguiles the town before falling in love with Marian; overflowing with charm and charisma; kisses Marian; physically struggles with Charlie Cowell. RANGE: Ab2-F4, AGE: 30-45 

MARCELLUS WASHBURN: Former con man and friend to Harold, now trying to settle down in River City; immensely likeable with comic timing; kisses Ethel; physically struggles with Charlie Cowell; leads an energetic dance. RANGE: A4-G2, AGE: 25-40 

MAYOR GEORGE SHINN: The Mayor of River City, protective of his town and family; self-important, blustery, pompous, but not too bright. RANGE: Any, AGE: 40-60 

WINTHROP PAROO: Marian’s adorable little brother who speaks with a lisp; precocious but moody. RANGE: C4-Eb5, AGE: 9-12 

CHARLIE COWELL: Rival traveling salesman out to expose Harold Hill; determined and moralistic; kisses Marian; physically struggles with Marcellus and Harold; may also play a townsperson in some scenes. RANGE: Any, AGE: 25-45

TOMMY DJILAS: Trouble-making teenager who becomes an assistant leader of the boys’ band; rebellious but smart and handsome. RANGE: Any, AGE: 16-20 

JACEY SQUIRES: Owner of livery stable and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the high tenor; married to Mrs. Squires. RANGE: C3-C5, AGE: 25-55 

EWART DUNLOP: Owner of the general store and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the second tenor; married to Maud. RANGE: F3-F5, AGE: 25-55 

OLIVER HIX: Banker and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the baritone; married to Alma. RANGE: B2-F4, AGE: 25-55 

OLIN BRITT: Newspaper editor and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the bass. RANGE: F2-C4, AGE: 25-55 

OTHER ROLES FOR MEN: Constable Locke, the town sheriff; Train conductor; Traveling salesmen; River City townspersons of all ages, shapes, and sizes some of them in “families”; River City boys/teens who sing, dance and join the boys’ band

FEMALE ROLES: MARIAN PAROO: Town librarian and piano teacher, sister of Winthrop and daughter of Mrs. Paroo; well-read, independent, head-strong, beautiful but elusive, hopelessly romantic but intensely guarded; kisses Harold and Charlie Cowell; RANGE: G3-A5, AGE: 25-35 

MRS. PAROO: Widowed mother to Marian and Winthrop; sweet, cheerful, always busy, and slightly intrusive in her daughter’s love life; speaks with an Irish accent. RANGE: Ab3-Eb5, AGE: 45-55 

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN: Mayor Shinn’s peacock wife, a know-it-all busybody who knows everyone and everything in town; self-important, grandiose, gossipy, snobbish, and easily flattered; must have great comedic range without being over-the-top. RANGE: D4-D5, AGE: 40-50

AMARYLLIS: Marian’s piano student who likes Winthrop but teases him; sweet but a little bratty; must pretend to play the piano. RANGE: C4-E5, AGE: 9-12 

ZANEETA SHINN: Mayor Shinn’s teenage daughter with a crush on Tommy Djilas; cute, feminine, a little daffy; dances energetically. RANGE: Any, AGE: 16-20 

GRACIE SHINN: Mayor’s younger daughter. RANGE: Any, AGE: 9-12 ETHEL TOFFELMIER: Player piano player and town gossip who is dating Marcellus; jolly and friendly, but gossipy; kisses Marcellus. RANGE: Any, AGE: 25-35 

ALMA HIX: Wife of Oliver Hix and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-45 MAUD DUNLOP: Wife of Ewart Dunlop and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-55 MRS. SQUIRES: Wife of Jacey Squires and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-55 

OTHER ROLES FOR WOMEN/GIRLS: River City townspersons of all ages, shapes, and sizes, some of them in “families”; River City girls/teens who sing and dance.

(An email address or cell # is required for reminder purposes only)

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