What To Expect

Recently, the COVID-19 transmission and hospitalization rates have been low enough and the number of individuals immunized high enough for the health department to lift all COVID restrictions from participation at CenterPoint. We are grateful to every person who has helped us get to this point.

Beginning with Disney’s Newsies the requirement to wear masks in the theatre will be removed. Concessions will once again be available during intermission.

We are not free from all risks, so CenterPoint encourages those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask to the theater to do so. If you desire to sit in a more distanced seat for a while, contact our box office staff. Sanitization stations will continue to be available. Good hand hygiene practices are encouraged, and the building will continue to be cleaned with the same high standards as usual.

Before COVID-19, CPT was moving toward digital playbills and tickets. Some printed playbills and physical tickets will continue to be available as we transition to these systems. But we encourage you to discover the convenience of these digital options.

We can see the horizon again, but not everyone is out of the woods. Please, be respectful of each other’s health choices. Your encouragement of each other will help us make CenterPoint feel like home again.

We are proud to represent our community by being selected as Best in State (Community Theatre category) two years in a row! Thank you for your support and participation at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre.    

It is wonderful to have you back in the Theatre!

Jansen Davis

Executive Director