A Fairytale Celbration

“Beyond Magic”

A Fairytale Celebrations

“If you want your child to be intelligent, read them fairytales. if you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales.”  -Albert Einstein

From AUGUST 24TH to AUGUST 27TH rooms in CenterPoint Legacy Theatre will be transformed into realms of enchantment where adventures and laughter await. Four different events await the young and the young at heart to explore the land of possibilities and rich storytelling.

We invite you to come and join the magic. As one father at the Daddy-Daughter Ball last year shared with us, “I would travel a thousand miles to see the look I saw on my little girl’s face tonight!”

That is the strength of fairytales. They are filled with promise. The weak can be strong; evil can be turned to good; the ugly can become beautiful; Cinderella can become a princess, the frog a prince. Every human being can rise to his true stature. Even the smallest child can realize this and rejoice at future victories.

Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party, where princesses will be treated to a pinkalicious tea party hosted by Mrs. Potts and attended by an array of favorite princesses who will craft, sip on tea (pink lemonade) and dance with their practically perfect guests of honor. Parents/grandparents will be invited in at the end of the event to witness the charming tiara ceremony.

Daddy-Daughter Ever-After Royal Ball

Daddy-Daughter Ever-After Royal Ball, a once-upon-a dream evening where Daddies can bring their princesses to dance, dine on sweet treats, mingle with fairytale characters and make a memory that will live happily ever after.

Daddy-Daughter Ever-After Royal Ball

Wizarding 101 is an escape into the world of wizards to acquire the art of spell-casting, care of enchanted plants and other wizarding talents from some well-loved wizards. Of course, butter beer, a custom wand and chocolate frogs will certainly be part of the journey!

Daddy-Daughter Ever-After Royal Ball

“When You Wish Upon a Star”- A Fairytale Concert

After premiering in 2021, the delightful Fairytale Concert returns this year to explore what can happen when you WISH on a star and believe in yourself. Classic and new favorites will be sung by our talented characters. Be ready to hold onto your socks, for they will charm them off of you!