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Executive Producer: Krista Davies
Director: Emily Wadley
Technical Director: Derek Walden
Assistant Technical Director: Truxton Moulton
Music Director: Arianne Hellewell
Choreographer: Marilyn Montgomery                              Assistant Choreographer: Sarah Martin                                  Fight Choreographer: Spencer Jackson Hohl
Stage Manager: Todd Perkins
Assistant Stage Manager: Heather Wadley
Costume Designer: Kierstin Gibbs
Costume Assistant: Melonie Fitch
Lighting Designer: Michael Gray
Sound Designer: Lydia Pearce               
Scenic Design: Ron Nelson
Scenic Charge Artist: Cynthia Klumpp                                    Scenic Painter: Janae Gibb                                                          Wig Master: Shelly Swenson
Prop Master: Silas Stott                                                        Costume Supervisor: Tammis Boam                                    Costume Stitchers: Kathy Wendel, Abigail Reno, Rachel Reno, Gina Strack, Elaine Mortensen, Ann Casper, Brooke Trumbo, Carol Wilkinson, Rachel Lindsay, Lisha Mortensen, Kris Green, Emily Dunnnigan, Laura Miles, Diana Jensen, Cheryl Brown, Tammy Coleman, Susan Robbins, Jennie Richardson, Annie Ferrin, Shelby Ferrin, Angela Sandorf, Tara Boss, Jennifer Beckstrand, Brooke Liljenquist, Janell Roundy, Shelley Davies, Sydney Howard, Laurie Oswald, Tammis Boam, Marilyn Montgomery, Valorie Waite
Shop Foreman: Truxton Moulton
Scenic Construction: Silas Stott, Randall Farrell, Truxton Moulton
Lighting Technicians: Dallin Alvey, Nathan Hadley
Sound Technicians: Camille Chandler, Hillary Horne
Spotlight Technicians: Josie Adams, Victoria Tolley, Hannah Gibson-White, Jenna Francis
Stage Crew:  Amie Howell, Jill Howell, Chris Nelson, Emily Auton




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Board of Directors

Paul Cutler
Sterling Jenson
Vice Chair


James Ahlstrom
Shawn Beus
Jason Burningham
Kenneth Cutler
Michelle Falk
Gayla Gallacher


Cathleen Gilbert
Fred Hale
Kendalyn Harris
Lowell Leishman
Dan Liljenquist
John Redd
Clark Wilkinson
Lee Wright

Management Team

Jansen Davis, Executive Director
Krista Davies, Executive Producer
Brian Hahn, Leishman Hall Producer
Shelley L. Davies, Director of Development & Grant Coordinator
Amy R. Gapinski, Marketing Coordinator
Holly K. Reid, Public Relations & Social Media Specialist
Danny & Wendy Inkley, Directors CenterPoint Academy
Kristy Woodward, Chief Financial Officer
Keri Stewart, Staff Accountant
Diana Jensen, Box Office Manager
Laurie Hahn, House Manager, Volunteer Coordinator
Derek Walden, Technical Director
Truxton Moulton, Asst Technical Director/Shop Foreman
Tammis Boam, Costume Department Manager
Laurie Oswald, Costume Shop Supervisor
Cynthia Klumpp, Scenic Charge Arttist
Silas Stott, Property Manager

Box Office Staff: Lucille Leonard, Janice Spencer, Rachel Jensen, Pam Christy, Beverly Cutler, Jenine Spencer, Chris Brown, Annette Houston, Debbie Cabezas, Nancy Johnsen.

Concessions Staff: Adi Summerhays, Erin Stewart, Grace Boyce, Jared Lyman, Joshua Rogers, Katelyn Stewart, Maclayne Inkley, Preston Weaver, Ruby Anderson, Katri Redd.

IT Staff: Mark Wagstaff

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  • No cancellation or refunds.
  • Ticket exchanges must be made in person at the Box Office at least one business day prior to the performance. Exchanged tickets must be surrendered at that time. We cannot accommodate late changes. There will be a $5 exchange fee per ticket.
  • Season Ticket Holders are allowed one free exchange per show. Additional exchanges
    are $5 per ticket.
  • Reserved seating will be held until curtain after which alternate seating will be used.
  • Doors open 30 minutes before show time.
  • Late-comers cannot be guaranteed seating.
  • No children under the age of 3 years may attend any production.
  • Please do not bring outside food or drink into the theater.
  • Please turn off all pagers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.
  • The video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
  • Box Office hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Restrooms are located on both floors on the east and west sides of the building.

In 1903 before shy, orphaned Bruce Wayne donned a suit and became the Batman in Gotham; and even before the masked Zorro humiliated corrupt authorities in the Wild-West, Baroness Emmuska Orczy established the very first hero-in-disguise in her creation of the dandy Percy Blakeney crusading as the brave Scarlet Pimpernel in revolutionary France. She even managed the use of a pretentiously English title for a small, common flower to brand her hero.

The Pimpernel had no superpowers like super strength or x-ray vision, but he had the super-powerful combination of means, influence, and a sense of social justice. “If we do not do this, who will?”, Percy asks in order to convince his friends to do even more to help innocents escape the deadly guillotine during the Reign of Terror inside the French Revolution. Percy’s devotion to righting wrongs unwittingly puts him at odds with the new, passionate love of his life, French actress Marguerite St. Just.

Instead of trying to humanize the massive and complicated stories surrounding the French Revolution (as Hugo did in his 1462-page page-turner), Orczy draws us in by creating a love triangle involving Marguerite’s past-lover and Percy’s present arch enemy, Chauvelin. The trio of characters all finds themselves in relationships where “what began as a dream ends as a nightmare”.

The narrative intrigue is built with fractioned details, pieces of truth, misunderstanding, confusion, blurred lines, lies, and crafted deception. When they each find betrayal in the midst of devotion, loyalty becomes paper-thin and trust can only be feigned. Marguerite and Percy learn in tandem that in order to trust someone else, you must first reveal who you are.

Emily Wadley –  Director


It’s the height of the French Revolution and French actress Marguerite St. Just is to be married to the love of her life, British nobleman Sir Percival Blakeney. Before leaving her war-torn France for England, Marguerite is blackmailed by her former lover, Chauvelin, into giving up information about the hiding place of a member of the French aristocracy who has been sentenced to death by guillotine. On the day of their wedding, Percy is shocked to learn that his beloved Marguerite provided this information leading to the murder of an innocent man and his family.

Devastated by his wife’s deceitful and treacherous behavior, and dismayed by the continued bloodshed in France, he devises a plan to save the lives of those threatened by the guillotine. Enlisting the help of his friends, he creates the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, using disguise and intrigue to foil the murderous ways of those Reigning in Terror in France.

British society is drawn into the mystery of who the Scarlet Pimpernel might be; with no one suspecting Percy and his friends. Even Marguerite herself is blind to her husband’s exploits and is once again blackmailed by Chauvelin into uncovering the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Marguerite and Percy learn in tandem that in order to trust someone you love, you must first reveal who you are.

Scene / Song List

ACT ONE                   

Scene One  – Onstage Comedie Francaise

Scene Two –  Backstage Comedie Francaise and outside the Prison where a Guillotine is revealed, Place de la Bastille

Scene Three – The Prison

Scene Four – Place de la Bastille

Scene Five – England, Blakeney Estate, The Wedding of Percy & Marguerite

Scene Six – Blakeney Estate: The Library and Limbo as the scene is transformed to Percy’s Schooner, sails billowing

Scene Seven – The English Channel – Aboard Percy’s Schooner

Scene Eight – Place de la Bastille

Scene Nine – Blakeney Estate: The Drawing Room

Scene Ten – Blakeney Estate: The Garden

Scene Eleven  – Blakeney Estate: The Library

Scene Twelve  – England, The Royal Palace




Scene One – England, The Royal Palace, The Ballroom

Scene Two  – A Footbridge in the garden near the Ballroom

Scene Three – France, The Cafe

Scene Four – The Prison and a Paris Street

Scene Five – The Hideaway (The Batcave)

Scene Six – The Prison

Scene Seven – Outside the Prison

Scene Eight – Interior of a rumbling Carriage

Scene Nine – A remote spot on the French Seacoast, visible is a rickety pier & rough-hewn guillotine

Scene Ten – The English Channel – Aboard Percy’s Schooner


Character M/W/F T/Th/S
Percy Blakeny Ben Lowell Jake Slater
Marguerite St. Just Anya Young Wilson Claire Glaitti
Chauvelin Jacob Omer Ricky Parkinson
Armand St. Just Derek Marsden Liam Hunsaker
Ozzy Benjamin Christian Plowman Doug Caldwell
Dewhurst Thad Weiland Josh Curtis
Elton Jared Daley Colton Ward
Farleigh Ryan Zaugg Doug Wadley
Hal John Kenning Matthew Price
Ben/St. Cyr Regan Whimpey Derek Wayman
Marie Grosholtz Mailee Halpin Jessica Wadley
Prince of Wales/Tussaud Chris Kennedy Paul Dixon
Robespierre/Jessup Chuck Gilmore Jason Wadsworth
Mercier R. Porter Hiatt Sterling Shane Allen
Coupeau Scot Struble Will Baggett
Soldier Logan B. Stacey William Killingbeck
Soldier Dylan Watson Carson Boss
Ensemble Michele McGarry Brandi Hansen
Ensemble Andrea Clegg Gritton Jessica Turner
Ensemble Marissa Olson Aleisha Meier
Ensemble Bretleigh Sandorf Kristina Boler
Ensemble Cassandra Pena Laura Strong
Ensemble Rachel Sandorf Marsden Gabriella Gonzalez

In CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s production of The Music Man, Russell Maxfield gets to honor his Father in a unique way: by figuratively and literally walking in his shoes. As a child, Russell had the opportunity to play Winthrop while his Dad played Harold Hill for Pages Lane Theatre production. Now, Russell takes on the role of Harold Hill while his Father joins the ensemble and he might even get to wear a pair of his Dad’s Harold Hill shoes on stage.

Russell grew up knowing and loving the music and story of The Music Man, but now sees how deep the storyline goes. He feels like there are many connections to our lives in Centerville and Davis County. He says, “The good guy really starts off as the bad guy. He ends up changing the town and the town changes him.” Russell began on the stage at age 6 at Pages Lane Theatre, with Ralph Rodgers being a big part of why he originally began acting. While playing the part of Winthrop, Russell tried to learn the trumpet but eventually steered toward vocal performances. As a young boy he remembers seeing The Music Man’s Director, Shelby Ferrin, play Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and it inspired Russell to play the same role as an adult. Some of his favorite roles have been when he’s playing the good guy, like Joseph, or the bad guy, like Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. With the role of Harold Hill, Russell feels like he gets to explore both those character types.

Russell is happy to be back at CenterPoint where he knows the people from the community where he grew up. He appreciates that CenterPoint is a community theater with high quality performances. He encourages people to come find something new in The Music Man. He notes, “The Music Man feels like the original Hamilton. There is so much fast, rhythmic speaking that almost feels like rapping. The more you get into the music and story it is even better than you will remember.” He hopes that audiences will enjoy this look into a time when a small community learns to welcome differences that add value to their lives.


Amanda Rogers is no stranger to the classic story of The Music Man. As Ethel Toffelmier in the M/W/F cast, Amanda is pleased to be a part of this musical for the third time. This time she dedicates her performance to her father whom she shared the stage with during her two previous productions and who passed away six years ago. Her father had been Marcellus in these shows and Amanda honors him in the role closest to Marcellus – Ethel Toffelmier.


Community theater has long been a past-time of Amanda’s. She began as a child in Riverton, Bluffdale, and Sandy community productions. Amanda grew up sharing the stage with her family in many productions. Last season she loved joining CenterPoint’s team in the production of My Fair Lady and remembers how fun the costumes were that helped the cast transform from high society to servants throughout the show. One of her favorite roles has been Princess Puffer in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. She loved playing a character outside of her comfort zone and the audience participation that changes the end of the show always kept the cast on their toes.


CenterPoint is honored to have Amanda and the rest of the The Music Man casts make this production an unforgettable tribute to the power of community. She tells about this production, “The Music Man is a simple show with so much heart. The music is upbeat and happy and perfect for wintertime.” When asked about what she likes about being onstage at CenterPoint, she responded, “the professionalism of the whole production team from the costumes, to sets, and lighting. Also, it feels like family.” As Amanda honors her father and her family through the portrayal of Ethel Toffelmier, we know that you will leave The Music Man with a skip in your step.

Thank You To Our

2021 Season Show Sponsors

First Community Bank

WCF Insurance

Cache Valley Bank

Scott and Karen Keller

Dewsnup, King, Olsen, Worel, Havas, Mortensen Attorneys At Law

Krista Davies
Executive Producer

Krista is grateful to once again work on another production with incredibly dedicated and talented people.

Emily Wadley

I started working for the Frankfurt Playhouse in Frankfurt, Germany in 1987 when I was 13 years old, getting paid $2.40 an hour to paint muslin, cut chicken wire, replace lamps, fold fabric, mop the rehearsal studio, clean makeup off mirrors in dressing rooms, answer phones in the box office, and run to the corner Trinkhalle to buy cigarettes for Sue, the artistic director. Ever since I’ve stayed out of and gotten into trouble through my theater habit. I’ve acted, stage managed, produced, written, directed, and designed in community theaters and school auditoriums west of and just barely east of the Mississippi. “One [woman] in [her] time plays many parts”, said Shakespeare, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed nearly all of them. Directing The Scarlet Pimpernel at CenterPoint Theatre has been absolutely brilliant with this proper lot. We are a blessed community to have this theatre and those that love to work here among our very own.

Derek Walden
Technical Director

Derek is happy to oversee all of the technical operations of both the Barlow Mainstage and the Leishman Performance Hall Productions. He’s an alumnus of the Weber State Theater Program.

Arianne Hellewell
Music Director

Arianne is thrilled to be back with CPT! Arianne has worked on several exciting projects here at CPT including The Secret Garden, Elf, and 9 to 5, and is thrilled to be a part of this show! She has her Vocal Pedagogy degree from WSU and taught voice for ten years. Arianne loves raising two boys and spending time with her husband! “Enjoy the show!”

Marilyn Montgomery

I am thrilled to be here at CPT! In my career, I have choreographed over 250 shows in theatres across the Wasatch front including CenterPoint Theatre, OMT, Hale Center Theatre, West Valley Art Theatre, The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Sandy Amphitheater, Utah Children’s Theatre, Draper Community Theatre, The Grand Theatre, and Lagoon. Some of my favorites: A Tale of Two Cities, Jekel and Hyde, The Adams Family, West Side Story, Forever Plaid, Ragtime, Civil War, and Joseph. Thanks to the cast for being awesome to work with.

Sarah Martin
Assistant Choreographer

Sarah is delighted to assist Marilyn again and always enjoys working at CPT. She went to SUU and has a Dance Performance degree. Some of her favorite recent-ish projects are choreographing Shakespeare competition pieces, Working with Lemons YouTube videos, and BeatALS concerts. She jumps at any chance to collaborate with Marilyn and is so thankful for her and the crew at home.

Spencer Jackson Hohl
Fight Choreographer

Spencer Jackson Hohl is an award-winning Fight Director from Salt Lake City. He has done fight work for several shows in the valley, including Newsies at Hale Centre Theatre Sandy, Robin Hood and Three Musketeers at Parker Theatre, and many more! He’s thrilled to finally display his work on the CenterPoint stage and hopes you will enjoy the ride!

Todd Perkins
Stage Manager

CPT has been Todd’s home away from home for a number of years. He has been honored to work behind the scenes on recent CPT productions: Peter and the Starcatcher, The Addams Family, West Side Story, The Foreigner, You Can’t Take It With You, 1776, To Kill A Mockingbird, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Ragtime, Lend Me A Tenor and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

1806-31 Heather Richardson Portrait

January 6, 2018

Photography by Gabriel Mayberry /BYU

© BYU PHOTO 2016
All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322
Heather Wadley
Assistant Stage Manager

Heather is so excited to be joining the production team of her first production at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre. She is grateful to be able to work on this wonderful show with her husband, Doug, sister-in-law, Jess, and mother-in-law, Emily – it has been a DREAM come true! Thank you for all the support and love. Happy to be a part of the CPT Fam!

Kierstin Gibbs
Costume Designer

Prior credits: Kiss Me Kate, A Christmas Carol, Little Women. Seven years with Utah Opera costume department. Endless gratitude to those who helped bring the costumes for this show to fruition through a particularly difficult time of life and death, love and loss. Love to my family for their patience and support. The design of this show is dedicated to Gram, who loved all things beautiful.

Melonie Fitch
Costume Assistant

The Scarlet Pimpernel is Melonie’s 9th show at CPT, the 3rd she’s costumed with Kierstin, and her first show back at CPT in 9 years. Her work was last seen in Little Women (2012). She graduated from Weber State University in Theatre and Costume Design and worked in the costume department of Utah Opera for nearly 16 years, before retiring to follow her dream of being a work-at-home mom. Melonie is married to an incredibly supportive husband, Chris, and has 3 busy children: Liam, Chloe, and Atticus.

Gray_Michael (2)_8x9_1000
Michael Gray
Lighting Designer

Michael has over 50 lighting designs to his credit, including The Little Mermaid and Aida for CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, Tarzan and Phantom of the Opera for Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Ain’t Misbehavin’ for the West Valley Arts, and Next to Normal at Utah Valley University, for which he received the Outstanding Lighting Design award as part of the Kennedy Center Annual College Theatre Festival.

Lydia Pearce
Sound Designer

Lydia is excited to return to CenterPoint Legacy Theatre as a sound designer. Some of her favorite shows she’s worked on are American Idiot, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Coriolanus, Almost, Maine, and Constellations. Lydia graduated from Weber State and interned with California’s Pacific Conservatory Theatre. “Life is full of music”

Ron Nelson
Scenic Designer

Ron engaged with community and educational theater beginning with a minor role in The Drums of Death in Jr. High and has been hooked ever since. He has a degree in theater/art education from WSU where he designed an award-winning set that was on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D. C. Ron taught stagecraft in the Granite School District for eleven years. Ron now enjoys designing and building sets as a volunteer. He especially enjoys working with his daughter, Emily Wadley.

Cynthia Klumpp
Scenic Charge Artist

The Scarlet Pimpernel marks Cynthia’s 44th show at CenterPoint. She has loved making every show come to life on the CPT stage. She also serves as the Scenic Charge Artist at Tuacahn Amphitheater. You may have seen her work at this past year’s Prince of Egypt, Cinderella and Matilda.

She is grateful to her family for their undying support and love.

Shelly Swenson
Wig Master

Shelly is thrilled to be joining the CPT family with The Scarlet Pimpernel. She has done many things as a performer. Some of her favorites being, The Wizard of OZ, Singing in the Rain and being a featured soloist in the 2017 & 2019 Temple Square Concert Series. She is excited to be experiencing things from the perspective of the production team for the first time.

Trish Child
Prop Master

As a mom, Trish is well-versed with finding things for people, locating what’s lost, keeping things in proper places & creating a space to let the imagination free. Whether the places are a magical island, a lonely bell tower in Notre Dame, the boroughs of New York, or 1792 France, working at CPT keeps those skills sharp. She loves working alongside her daughter to bring another rich story to life.

Taylor Wilson
Prop Master

Taylor wants to give you “props” …literally. Whether pirates, newsies, “lost boys” or bounders. She’s a master of ensuring CPT actors have their hands full, tables covered, & their swords ready for a fight. She’s thrilled to be part of another fantastic show, & encourages you to take a moment, & give yourself “props” every now & then.

Truxton Moulton
Shop Manager/Asst. Technical Director

This is Truxton’s second season at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre and he is excited to join the team. He has worked in many different venues across Utah, from Old Lyric Repertory, Pioneer Theatre, and the LDS Conference Center. Most recently he was the ATD at Tuacahn. He is also the proud father of 5 awesome kids and the luckiest man to be married to his wife of 14 years, Megan.

Michael Gray
Lighting Designer

Michael has over 50 lighting designs to his credit, including The Little Mermaid and Aida for CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, Tarzan and Phantom of the Opera for Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Ain’t Misbehavin’ for the West Valley Arts, and Next to Normal at Utah Valley University, for which he received the Outstanding Lighting Design award as part of the Kennedy Center Annual College Theatre Festival.

Alan Menken

Legendary composer Alan Menken has created some of the most beloved songs and musical scores of our time.

His unique voice, as a composer, a lyricist, and a musical theater dramatist has captured the imaginations of audiences for over 35 years.

Alan’s stage musicals include God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, Patch Patch Patch, Atina: Evil Queen of the Galaxy, Real Life Funnies, Little Shop of Horrors, The Dream on Royal Street, Kicks, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol, Weird Romance, King David, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Sister Act, Leap of Faith, and Newsies. He has also contributed to such revues as Personals, Diamonds, and On the Record.

His film musicals include Little Shop of Horrors, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, Aladdin (1992 and the 2019 live-action remake), Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Home on the Range, Enchanted, and Tangled. His dramatic underscores for films include Life With Mikey, Noel, The Shaggy Dog, and Mirror Mirror. He has contributed songs to such films as Rocky V, Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York, Life With Mikey, and Captain America – The First Avenger.

Alan’s television credits include writing numerous songs for “Sesame Street“, composing the score for the ABC mini-series “Lincoln“, contributing songs for the musical Polly, the Hallmark adaptation of his musical of A Christmas Carol, and the songs for an episode of the ABC-TV series “The Neighbors“.

His songwriting collaborators have included Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, Stephen Schwartz, David Zippel, Jack Feldman, David Spencer, Lynn Ahrens, Dean Pitchford, Glenn Slater, Chad Beguelin, and most recently Benj Pasek and Justin Paul for the 2019 live-action film remake of Aladdin.

Alan won the 2012 Tony and Drama Desk Awards for his score to Newsies. He currently has more Academy Awards than any other living individual, including four for Best Score (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Pocahontas) and 4 for Best Song (“Under the Sea”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “A Whole New World” and “Colors of the Wind”). He has earned 11 Grammy Awards (including Song of the Year for “A Whole New World”), 7 Golden Globes, London’s Evening Standard Award, the Olivier Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award, and the Drama Desk Award.

Other notable achievements include induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Billboard’s number-one single (“A Whole New World”) and number one album (Pocahontas). In 2001 he received the distinction of being named a Disney Legend. He has also been awarded two doctorates in Fine Arts from New York University and the North Carolina School of the Arts. In 2010 he received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

glenn_slater_press - 8x9_1000
Glenn Slater

Glenn Slater (Lyrics) co-created Disney’s 2010 worldwide smash Tangled (2011 Grammy Winner, 2010 Oscar and Golden Globe nominee), as well as the Broadway and international hit musicals Sister Act (2011 Tony nominee – Best Score) and The Little Mermaid (2008 Tony nominee – Best Score, Grammy nominee – Best Cast Album), and, most recently School of Rock (2015). With longtime collaborator Alan Menken, he is Executive Producer and Lyricist for the ABC-TV musical comedy series Galavant and has also written songs for the Disney animated film Home On The Range (2004) and the Broadway musical Leap of Faith (Tony nominee – Best Musical, 2012). In the West End, Glenn provided both book and lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies (2010 Olivier nominee – Best Musical), the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Other work includes an Emmy-nominated song for the ABC-TV comedy The Neighbors (2013), and the stage revue Newyorkers at The Manhattan Theatre Club (Lucille Lortel, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle nominations). Glenn is the recipient of the prestigious Kleban Award for Lyrics, the ASCAP/Richard Rogers New Horizons Award, and the Jonathan Larson Award. He is an alumnus of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop and a member of both ASCAP and the Dramatists’ Guild.

Cheri Steinkellner

Cheri Steinkellner has won four Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, The People s Choice, BAFTA, Writers Guild Award, Parents Choice, and TV-Land Legend Awards, for writing and producing Cheers (recently named one of the Top 10 Best Written Comedies in TV history), and The Jeffersons, Facts of Life, Family Ties and Who’s The Boss, and for creating the acclaimed Disney animated Saturday morning TV series and feature film, Teacher s Pet. A 2011 Tony-nominee for Sister Act (with husband Bill Steinkellner, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater); Cheri has also written Princesses (with Bill, David Zippel and Matthew Wilder); and book and lyrics for Mosaic (with Georgia Stitt), and Jailbirds on Broadway (with Bill and Jeff Rizzo). Other stage includes Our Place, and Instaplay – L.A. s original – and longest-running – improvised musical-comedy. An Indy Award winner and Ovation nominee for Hello! My Baby, Cheri currently teaches writing at Stanford and UCSB and directs youth theatre in beautiful Santa Barbara, where she and Bill raised their three favorite children/writers/ artists: Kit, Teddy, and Emma.

Bill Steinkellner

Award-winning television and screenwriter: “Cheers” and Disney’s “Teacher’s Pet” (Emmys, Golden Globes, BAFTAS, Writers Guild, and People’s Choice Awards). Book writer (with wife, Cherri): Sister Act the Musical (London Palladium, Hamburg, Broadway 2011), Princesses (Goodspeed, 5th Avenue). Writer/director (with Paul Reubens): the original Pee-wee Herman Show (Groundlings, Roxy Theatre, HBO). Creator/director: Instaplay, L.A.’s first all-improvised musical-comedy. Author: the L.A. Times bestseller Postcards From the Moon. 

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2011 Cast of HAIRSPRAY (The Premiere Show)
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CenterPoint Legacy Theatre 2021

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘The Music Man’ on Saturday, January 4th.

Auditions will take place by appointment from 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon. The show runs March 13th through April 11th. Shelby Ferrin will direct, Aaron Ford will choreograph and Tara Wardle will music direct.

Bring any conflicts from January 6th through April 11th along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th and Wednesday, January 8th. Rehearsals will start Monday, January 13th.

Auditions are open to all performers 8 years and older. Children are encouraged to audition with a parent or guardian. All roles are open. Come prepared to sing 30 seconds or less of a song in the style of the show. Live accompaniment will be provided. No pre-recorded music please.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville. Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time.

Character Breakdown


Note: ages listed are approximate and represent how the characters read onstage, not necessarily the ages of the performers. Please note, where applicable, any requirements for on-stage intimacy or physicality. 

MALE ROLES: HAROLD HILL: Smooth-talking con man and traveling salesman who beguiles the town before falling in love with Marian; overflowing with charm and charisma; kisses Marian; physically struggles with Charlie Cowell. RANGE: Ab2-F4, AGE: 30-45 

MARCELLUS WASHBURN: Former con man and friend to Harold, now trying to settle down in River City; immensely likeable with comic timing; kisses Ethel; physically struggles with Charlie Cowell; leads an energetic dance. RANGE: A4-G2, AGE: 25-40 

MAYOR GEORGE SHINN: The Mayor of River City, protective of his town and family; self-important, blustery, pompous, but not too bright. RANGE: Any, AGE: 40-60 

WINTHROP PAROO: Marian’s adorable little brother who speaks with a lisp; precocious but moody. RANGE: C4-Eb5, AGE: 9-12 

CHARLIE COWELL: Rival traveling salesman out to expose Harold Hill; determined and moralistic; kisses Marian; physically struggles with Marcellus and Harold; may also play a townsperson in some scenes. RANGE: Any, AGE: 25-45

TOMMY DJILAS: Trouble-making teenager who becomes an assistant leader of the boys’ band; rebellious but smart and handsome. RANGE: Any, AGE: 16-20 

JACEY SQUIRES: Owner of livery stable and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the high tenor; married to Mrs. Squires. RANGE: C3-C5, AGE: 25-55 

EWART DUNLOP: Owner of the general store and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the second tenor; married to Maud. RANGE: F3-F5, AGE: 25-55 

OLIVER HIX: Banker and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the baritone; married to Alma. RANGE: B2-F4, AGE: 25-55 

OLIN BRITT: Newspaper editor and school board member who bickers with his peers before joining them in the barbershop quartet as the bass. RANGE: F2-C4, AGE: 25-55 

OTHER ROLES FOR MEN: Constable Locke, the town sheriff; Train conductor; Traveling salesmen; River City townspersons of all ages, shapes, and sizes some of them in “families”; River City boys/teens who sing, dance and join the boys’ band

FEMALE ROLES: MARIAN PAROO: Town librarian and piano teacher, sister of Winthrop and daughter of Mrs. Paroo; well-read, independent, head-strong, beautiful but elusive, hopelessly romantic but intensely guarded; kisses Harold and Charlie Cowell; RANGE: G3-A5, AGE: 25-35 

MRS. PAROO: Widowed mother to Marian and Winthrop; sweet, cheerful, always busy, and slightly intrusive in her daughter’s love life; speaks with an Irish accent. RANGE: Ab3-Eb5, AGE: 45-55 

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN: Mayor Shinn’s peacock wife, a know-it-all busybody who knows everyone and everything in town; self-important, grandiose, gossipy, snobbish, and easily flattered; must have great comedic range without being over-the-top. RANGE: D4-D5, AGE: 40-50

AMARYLLIS: Marian’s piano student who likes Winthrop but teases him; sweet but a little bratty; must pretend to play the piano. RANGE: C4-E5, AGE: 9-12 

ZANEETA SHINN: Mayor Shinn’s teenage daughter with a crush on Tommy Djilas; cute, feminine, a little daffy; dances energetically. RANGE: Any, AGE: 16-20 

GRACIE SHINN: Mayor’s younger daughter. RANGE: Any, AGE: 9-12 ETHEL TOFFELMIER: Player piano player and town gossip who is dating Marcellus; jolly and friendly, but gossipy; kisses Marcellus. RANGE: Any, AGE: 25-35 

ALMA HIX: Wife of Oliver Hix and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-45 MAUD DUNLOP: Wife of Ewart Dunlop and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-55 MRS. SQUIRES: Wife of Jacey Squires and a town gossip. RANGE: G4-G5, AGE: 25-55 

OTHER ROLES FOR WOMEN/GIRLS: River City townspersons of all ages, shapes, and sizes, some of them in “families”; River City girls/teens who sing and dance.

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