Jekyll & Hyde


Jekyll & Hyde

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, Jekyll & Hyde is the tale of a brilliant mind gone terribly awry. Set to the beautifully written music of Frank Wildhorn, this is a powerful story of the talented physician Dr. Jekyll’s attempt to cure his ailing father’s mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality. Experimenting on himself, he inadvertently creates an alternative persona of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. As his fiancée, Emma grows fearful of the changes she sees in her beloved, a prostitute named Lucy finds herself dangerously drawn to the doctor and his alter ego. Struggling to control the monster within, Jekyll must race to find a cure before the demon of his own creation completely consumes him.


September 22nd – October 21st

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Barlow Stage 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT

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Mortensen & Milne


Liz Christensen

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ASL Information

ASL Performance Saturday, September 30th, Matinee 2:30 PM

Certified Interpreter
Ticket requests need to be made 48 hours in advance to ensure interpreters.
Contact the Box Office for available seating. 801.298.1302

(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde Christian Lackman
Emma Carew Karllen Johnson
Lucy Harris Jessica Knowles Andrus
John Utterson Thad Weiland
Lady Beaconsfield Claire Phillips
Bishop of Basingstoke Jacob Kenison
Lord Savage Phil Tuckett
General Lord Glossop Cory Dahl
Sir Archibald Proops David Johnson
Simon Stride Scot D. Struble
Sir Danvers Carew Russell Walker
Nellie Katie Drake
Spider Incachi
Poole Ian Shannon (MTHF)
Bissett AJ Grigg
Orderly/Priest Drew Dunshee
Newsboy Nixon Keddington
Male Ensemble William Killingeck (TWF)
Male Ensemble Garrett Frazier
Male Ensemble Milo Maughan
Male Ensemble Kaltin Kirby
Female Ensemble Michele McGarry
Female Ensemble Windy Nichols
Female Ensemble Emma Otis
Female Ensemble Tabitha (Kit) Weiland
Female Ensemble Olympia Pead
Female Ensemble Kristen Alley
Female Ensemble Christine Smith

(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde Ben Lowell
Emma Carew Amanda Frisby
Lucy Harris Casey Matern
John Utterson Clay Rockwood
Lady Beaconsfield Kiersten Honaker
Bishop of Basingstoke David Macmillan
Lord Savage Darin Stites
General Lord Glossop Bradley Howell
Sir Archibald Proops Randy Honaker
Simon Stride Andrew Messer
Sir Danvers Carew Jason Wadsworth
Nellie Jordan Clark
Spider Connor Evans
Poole Todd J. Wente (TWS)
Bissett Chad N. Wilburn
Orderly/Priest Spencer Ford
Newsboy Jack Putnam
Male Ensemble Kyle Esposito (MTHS)
Male Ensemble Kyle Harp
Male Ensemble Alejandro Hancock
Male Ensemble Jaron Rose
Female Ensemble Joan Dunn
Female Ensemble Janelle Tingey
Female Ensemble Marissa Olson
Female Ensemble Annie Jones
Female Ensemble Ashley Mordwinow
Female Ensemble Makenna Beckman
Female Ensemble Holly Lowell

Production Team

Executive Producer Krista Davies
Production Manager Carynn Butler
Director Liz Christensen
Music Director David K. Martin
Choreographer Sunny Simkins
Fight Choreographer Justin Lee
Technical Director Derek Walden-Knapp
Assistant Technical Director Truxton Moulton
Stage Manager Ashley Weller
Assistant Stage Manager Emily Checketts
Costume Designer Nita Smith
Costume Designer Jeana Forthman
Costume Intern Caylee Hall
Lighting Designer .Jordan Fowler
Sound Designer Krista Davies
Scenic Designer Truxton Moulton
Scenic Projection Designer Josh Roberts
Scenic Charge Artist Cynthia Klumpp
Scenic Artists Janae Klumpp Gibb Meish Roundy, Holly Lowell
Prop Master Sharla Jordan
Wig/Hair Designer Shelly Swenson
Make-up Consultant Kristen Alley
Costume Supervisor Tammis Boam
Costume Stitchers Caylee Hall, Nita Smith, Jeana Forthman, Ann Casper, Laura Miles, Sydnie Howard , Valerie Waite, Tammis Boam, Stephanie Bruckman, Kathy Richmond, Torrey Woolsey, Corrie Perkins, Laurie Oswald
Shop Foreman Truxton Moulton
Scenic Construction Silas Stott, Kenny Tuttle, Truxton Moulton, Brian Christensen
Lighting Technicians .Jo Adams, Mark Andrus
Sound Technicians Hillary Horne, Krista Davies,Derek Walden-Knapp
Stage Crew Hailee Horne, Amie Howell, Emily Auton, Brynn Thurston, Jill Howell, Aubry Hathaway, Steven Lamb, Harrison Wendell
Spotlight Operators Victoria Tolley, Hayden Osoro, Koa Griffiths, Blake Nelson
Assistants to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Kelsey Turner, Jacinda Fisher