Kiss Me Kate


Kiss Me Kate

Introducing the Broadway classic, Kiss Me Kate, a dazzling musical comedy that will sweep you off your feet! Set in the glamorous world of showbiz, this amusing tale follows the hilarious backstage antics of a touring production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. As the leading lady, Lilli clashes with her ex-husband and co-star, Fred Graham, both on and off the stage, their fiery chemistry ignites a whirlwind of mistaken identities, romantic entanglements, and uproarious comedy. With toe-tapping songs, dazzling dance numbers, and a dash of Shakespearean charm, Kiss Me Kate is a delightful theatrical experience that will leave you smiling, laughing, and humming its catchy tunes long after the curtain falls.


Jun 12 – Jul 13

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Barlow Stage 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT

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Jim Christian

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ASL Information

ASL Performance Saturday, June 22nd, Matinee 3:30 PM

Certified Interpreter
Ticket requests need to be made 48 hours in advance to ensure interpreters.
Contact the Box Office for available seating. 801.298.1302



Fred Graham (Petruchio) Addison Welch
Lilli Vanessi (Katharine) Michelle Blake
Lois Lane (Bianca) Keely Parry
Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) Isaac Carillo
Hattie Lindsea Garside
Paul Andrew Bringhurst
First Man (“Aide” to Katharine) Jeremy Botelho
Second Man (“Aide” to Katharine) Brandon Garside
General Harrison Howell Todd Wente
Harry Trevor (Baptista) Kaltin Kirby
Flynt (Gremio) Brian Stuart
Riley (Hortensio) Nick Morris
Stage Manager (Ralph) Bryan Andrews
Pops (Priest) Andrew Messer
Stagehand #1/Cab Driver (Nathaniel) Jacob Kenison
Stagehand #2 (Philip) Luke Logan
Woman 1 Madison Benedict
Woman 2 Kirsi Jarvis
Woman 3 Reese Riley
Woman 4 Julia Green
Woman 5 Camille Williams
Woman 6 Mary Ann West



Fred Graham (Petruchio) Ben Lowell
Lilli Vanessi (Katharine) Samantha Wursten
Lois Lane (Bianca) Janessa Zech
Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) Isaac Carillo
Hattie Mandie Wood Harris
Paul Justin Lee
First Man (“Aide” to Katharine) Dave Marsden
Second Man (“Aide” to Katharine) Kyle Esposito
General Harrison Howell Michael Ricks
Harry Trevor (Baptista) Jason Wadsworth
Flynt (Gremio) Colton Hattabaugh
Riley (Hortensio) David MacMillan
Stage Manager (Ralph) Ethan Bybee
Pops (Priest) Josh Twitchell
Stagehand #1/Cab Driver (Nathaniel) Casey Burgess
Stagehand #2 (Philip) Guillermo Oveido
Woman 1 Allison Horton
Woman 2 Allison Hogge
Woman 3 Riley Harris
Woman 4 Savannah Ropp
Woman 5 Annie Jones
Woman 6 Mackenzie Grant


Producer Krista Davies
Production Manager Carynn Butler
Director/Music Director Jim Christian
Choreographer Jessica Merrill
Stage Manager Megan Call
Assistant Stage Manager Marissa Olson
Technical Director Derek Walden-Knapp
Lighting Designer Jordan Fowler
Sound Designer Derek Walden-Knapp
Costume Designer Tammis Boam
Hair/Wig Designer Shelly Swenson
Makeup Designer Kristin Alley
Properties Marilyn Montgomery
Set Design and Construction Truxton Moulton
Scenic Charge Artist Cynthia Klumpp