Seussical The Musical


Seussical The Musical

Seussical: The Musical at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre – a whimsical and vibrant Broadway production that brings to life the beloved characters and stories of Dr. Seuss. Join us for a fantastical journey through the colorful and imaginative world created by this legendary children’s author. With an ingenious blend of classic tales, including “Horton Hears a Who,” “The Cat in the Hat,” and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” this delectable musical takes audiences of all ages on a thrilling adventure filled with laughter, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable melodies. Be transported to a place where anything is possible as you witness the power of friendship, the triumph of loyalty, and the beauty of embracing one’s unique qualities. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Seussical: The Musical at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre – a must-see theatrical extravaganza!


Mar 15 – Apr 13

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Barlow Stage 525 N 400 W, Centerville, UT

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Symphony Homes


Kristin Callor

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ASL Information

ASL Performance Saturday, March 23rd, Matinee 3:30 PM

Certified Interpreter
Ticket requests need to be made 48 hours in advance to ensure interpreters.
Contact the Box Office for available seating. 801.298.1302

Cast (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Jojo Chubby Longi
Cat in the Hat Meish Roundy
Horton Dan Call
Gertrude Emily Henwood
Mayzie Janae Klumpp-Gibb
Sour Kangaroo Angie Call
Young Kangaroo Avery Argyle
Mr. Mayor Greg Larsen
Mrs. Mayor Brooke Liljenquist
General Schmitz Mitchell Gibb
Bird Girl 1 Katherine Frandsen
Bird Girl 2 Brookelynn Alapa
Bird Girl 3 Cassie Dibbins
Wickersham 1 Dylan Floyd Panter
Wickersham 2 Josh Lee
Wickersham 3 Sterling Shane Allen
Grinch/Man 3 Garret Rushforth
Vlad/Man 1 David MacMillan
Who Woman/Yurtle/Woman 4 Jocelyn Gibbons
Jungle Man 2/Man 2 Benjamin Liljenquist
Jungle Woman/Woman 1 Esther Birth
Jungle Woman/Woman 2 Kimberly Teitter
Jungle Woman/Woman 3 Isabelle Wetsel
Who/Man 5 Patrick Simmons
Who/Man 4 Aaron Burgoyne
Who/Woman 5 Cynthia Klumpp
Who/Woman 6 Kayeli Hathaway
Teen Who/Cadet Olivia Larsen
Cadet 1/Cindy-Lou Who Hadley Macfarlane
Cadet 2 Eva Teitter
Cadet 3 Jackson Call
Cadet 4 Sam Larsen

Cast (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Jojo Sam Akerlow
Cat in the Hat Daylen Bills
Horton Matt Baxter
Gertrude Jaycee Harris
Mayzie Casey Matern
Sour Kangaroo Megan Call
Young Kangaroo Liza Akerlow
Mr. Mayor Matt Ford
Mrs. Mayor Valerie Packer
General Schmitz Rob Severinsen
Bird Girl 1 Maddie Lalli
Bird Girl 2 Jordyn Tracy
Bird Girl 3 Mandy Copier
Wickersham 1 Vimean Ratanak Thlork Ung
Wickersham 2 Ethan Bybee
Wickersham 3 Trevor Noble
Grinch/Man 3 Noah Hansen
Vlad/Man 1 Mats Mudrow
Who Woman/Yurtle/Woman 4 Laura Stone
Jungle Man 2/Man 2 Cameron Berkley
Jungle Woman/Woman 1 Mandi Marks
Jungle Woman/Woman 2 Elise Hansen
Jungle Woman/Woman 3 Rachel Anne Thacker
Who/Man 5 Josh Call
Who/Man 4 Andrew Wardle
Who/Woman 5 Addie Holman
Who/Woman 6 Ashtyn Roskelley
Teen Who/Cadet Kaylee Call
Cadet 1/Cindy-Lou Who Nora Despain
Cadet 2 Amelia Severinsen
Cadet 3 John Wakely
Cadet 4 Xander Wardle

Production Team

Producer Krista Davies
Production Manager Carynn Butler
Director Kristin Callor
Music Director Jessica Rampton
Choreographer Aaron Ford
Stage Manager Ashley Weller
Assistant Stage Manager Michelle Clark
Technical Director Derek Walden-Knapp
Lighting Designer Collin Schmeirer
Sound Designer Jay M. Clark
Costume Designer Stephanie Colyar
Wig Designer Shelly Swenson
Makeup Designer Kristin Alley
Properties Ashley Weller
Set Design and Construction Truxton Moulton
Projection Designer Joshua Roberts
Scenic Charge Artist Cynthia Klumpp