Musical Theatre and More! 

2020 Summer Camps at CenterPoint Academy.
Back by popular demand, the best Summer Camps around! Musical Theatre and More at CenterPoint Academy.

What You Get:

  1. Amazing fun
  2. Genuine confidence
  3. Improved skills
  4. New friends
  5. Talent show zaniness
  6. Final revue on CenterPoint Theatre’s main stage
  7. 10 days of summer that are the exact opposite of totally boring
  8. A super fashionable t-shirt, comfortable for any occasion


What We Give:

  • Instruction from professionals with performance experience at Disney World, PlayMill, Jackson Hole Playhouse, CenterPoint Theatre, Pioneer Theatre, Hale Centre Theatre, The Grand Theatre, Utah Children’s Theatre, and more.
  • Daily sessions dedicated specifically to singing, acting, and dancing.
  • Limited enrollment of just 15 students in each class.
  • Daily specialty sessions, including costume design, auditioning, Disney, stage combat, magic, puppeteering, lighting, sound, and more.
  • For those entering grades 3-12, camps are either from 9:00am-Noon or from 1:00pm-4:00pm.


Special Health and Safety Considerations for Summer 2020:

  • Camps will be divided into groups of 15 prior to the first day.
  • Each group of 15 will have a designated entrance, and will be dropped off and picked up at a designated spot.
  • Each group of 15 will have a designated space for camp, and will not move from that space. The three spaces where camps will meet are on the Mainstage, in the Leishman Hall Black Box, and in the Main Rehearsal Hall. Campers will remain in their designated location throughout the camp, and the three instructors (Acting, Dancing, Singing) will rotate locations each hour.
  • Activities will be designed to maintain social distancing, and instructors will be proactive in making sure this is maintained at all times.
  • Each student will be required to bring a mask, and masks will be worn as much as possible.  In addition, instructors will conduct classes and activities outside as much as possible.
  • We will have plenty of hand sanitizer available, and will encourage frequent use.
  • There will be designated restrooms for each group of 15, with no sharing of the facilities between groups.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized between sessions.
  • Children exhibiting any symptoms of any sickness whatsoever will be asked to stay home, and will be sent home immediately if symptoms emerge during class.


The Stuff Your Parents Care About:

  • Grades 3-12 are invited to participate
  • $179 tuition
  • Weekdays from 9:00am – Noon or 1:00pm – 4:00pm for two consecutive weeks
  • Each two-week session is divided into three classes, based on the age of students who enroll for the session.  Prior to the first day of class, you’ll be sorted into classes with the other kids closest to your age.


Six Sessions to Choose From:

June 29 – July 10, 9am-Noon or 1pm-4pm

July 13 – July 23, 9am-Noon or 1pm-4pm

July 27 – August 7, 9am-Noon or 1pm-4pm

The first Friday of each session will have a Zoom talent show.

The second Friday of each session will have a final Revue performance , held on the CenterPoint Theatre main stage and streamed live.


Come play with us this summer! Click the Enroll link to the right and to the top to register!



Enroll Now

Enrollment for Fall Classes begins June 1st for current students and June 8th for the general public!

Enrollment for 2020 Summer Camps is open now!

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Important Dates

Important Academy Dates, including performances and extra rehearsals for each class

Parking / Pickup Information

To drop off or pickup your kids from classes, please use the front (south side) of the building, or park in a designated parking space and come inside.


This causes traffic issues and parking conflicts with the businesses located near the theatre.

Please, please, please, don’t use the west curb, Thank you!